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Notice Effective January 2016
Please note our new office hours.  We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.  We are now only open on Wednesday from 8am to noon.  Please remember you can always make a payment by check or money order into our drop box which is located inside our front door.

Up Coming Meetings 
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 6:00 pm

 Now accepting credit card payments - $3.00 processing fee applies.

Beecher Water Department is NOT visiting its customer’s residents asking to sample or inspect their plumbing systems. There has been reports of suspicious persons visiting Beecher Water residents posing as personnel dispatched to sample and deliver water. Any suspicious persons should be reported to the authorities.

Because many customers located in Beecher Metropolitan District have a City of Flint Address you may be visited by the City Flint Emergency Response Team. This doesn’t mean that you have City of Flint water. If in doubt please call 810-787-6526 or visit our office at 1057 Louis Ave Flint, MI 48505. Please have you address or account number ready to insure correct information.

Beecher Metropolitan District’s water, is groundwater supplied through three (3) public wells.  We are NOT connected to the City of Flint water supply and therefore not associated with the water crisis being reported there.  Beecher Metropolitan District is in compliance with all state and federal guidelines for drinking water and are most current water quality report can be viewed on the web at

Customers with concerns over the water crisis in Flint can get their water tested for lead through the Drinking Water Analysis Laboratory. It cost $18.00 to have the lead analysis performed and sample bottles with collection and shipping instructions can be ordered by contacting the laboratory at (517) 335-8184 or on the web at navigate to menu, water, drinking water, drinking water analysis lab.

•    Beecher Metropolitan District takes its responsibility to protect customers from lead exposure and all other contaminants seriously.
•    It is common to get low levels of lead in a samples collected from homes constructed prior to 1980 because most plumbing materials and fixtures used at that time were partially made with lead.
•    Since it is not feasible to remove all plumbing in every home constructed prior to 1980, the EPA introduced the lead and copper rule in the early 90’s to monitor water supplies for corrosive water to determine if corrosion control treatment is needed.
•    Our monitoring is conducted in accordance with these regulatory requirements and guidance’s. Our latest sampling period was conducted in 2013 and 90% of the 30 samples collected were below 3 PPB.  The action level for lead as regulated by the EPA and MDEQ is 15 PPB.  Of the 30 samples collected during the monitoring period, the results ranged from Not Detected to 9 PPB.
•    Samples collected under the Lead and Copper Rule are not intended to estimate exposure. They are in the Lead and Copper Rule as one of the checks that can initiate re-evaluation of corrosion control practices.

 Please Visit  to see the EPA’s current guidelines concerning Lead and Copper Rule Monitoring and Reporting

(American Water Works Association) has numerous resources to assist customers that have questions about lead in drinking water, and additional information is available on

Any further questions concerning the drinking water supplied by Beecher Water Department please Email Kevin Forbes at  or Tyrone McCloud at


Office Hours                                                        Office Phone Number                                    Office Fax Number
Monday -Friday                                                        810.787.6526                                                810.787.0050
8:00 - 4:30

The Beecher Metropolitan District Board meets the second Wednesday of every month @ 6:00 pm @ the District Offices at 1057 Louis Avenue, Flint, MI. 48505


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